Microbiology, virology and immunology



Scientific activity:
Research directions of the Department:

  1. Development and improvement of rapid indication and identification of microorganisms in infectious pathology.
  2. Study  of antimicrobial and antimicotical activity  of new substances synthesized.
  3. Determining of mechanisms of resistance appear  of microorganisms to antimicrobial drugs.
  4. Study of antagonist activity of various strains of lactobacillus.

Information about doctorate/postdoctorate theses:

Theme: Development of rapid identification of inadmissible microorganisms in drugs”.

This scientific work includes new processes and autochthonous microbuiological testsistems, reducing workload in indicating of inadmissible microorganisms in drug forms.

 Theme: “Effects of some chemicals antibacteriala autochthonous ingredients”

This study reflects the analysis of microbiological research in vitro and in vivo tests carried out in order to determine the action of newly synthesized chemical substances to strains of pathogenic microorganisms that will provide a new way in development of antibacterial remedies.